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Digitalization experts in procurement

With our expertise in the digitalization of procurement, we revolutionize your business processes. Through the targeted use of innovative technologies, we increase efficiency, create transparency and strengthen your competitive position in the long term.

E-Procurement with Coupa

Coupa is an innovative cloud-based software solution for spend management and e-procurement. The platform automates the entire procurement cycle, from requisitioning to invoice processing, to increase efficiency and better control spend. With supplier management, travel and expense management capabilities and advanced analytics tools, Coupa helps your organization optimize your procurement processes and improve financial performance. Simplify your purchasing process and increase efficiency with Coupa.


Procure optimizes the procurement process with a user-friendly interface, rules-based approval workflows and supplier catalog integration. With visibility of order status, budget control and mobile support, it provides an efficient solution within the Coupa platform to simplify procurement processes, control spend and drive collaboration across the organization.


Invoice optimizes the invoice process through automated workflows that facilitate the capture, validation and approval of invoices. With integration of supplier communication and direct insight into invoice status, it promotes efficient collaboration. The module is critical to the Coupa platform, helping your business optimize the invoice process, reduce costs and increase financial efficiency.


Expense simplifies business expense management with a user-friendly interface, automated workflows and real-time visibility. Credit card billing integration and mobile support optimize efficiency, allowing your business to better control expenses and improve financial performance.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management provides a central platform for the efficient management of supplier relationships. It enables proactive collaboration by monitoring performance and assessing risk. Immediate clarity on supplier activities and the ability to monitor compliance help your company optimize supplier relationships and increase supply chain efficiency.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management enables precise management of stock levels. With features such as accurate inventory tracking, automated ordering processes and clarity on stock levels, it helps your company to minimize storage costs and increase the efficiency of your warehouse.

Contract Management

Contract Management provides a centralized platform for the efficient management of contracts. By integrating automated notifications and analysis tools, it enables companies to monitor contractual obligations, identify opportunities for improvement and gain immediate visibility across the entire contract lifecycle.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing enables efficient and strategic procurement from supplier identification to contract signing. By integrating bid management and negotiation tools, it helps companies select suppliers and secure favorable terms. Real-time analytics and visibility across the entire sourcing process help maximize savings and build strategic partnerships.


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